Aiming to become the one of the world’s largest research center for nanoarchitectonics and materials fields.

MANA is the one of the five research centers conducting the world's biggest research programs (known as the WPI Program), under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. Along with the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Tohoku University and Osaka University, NIMS in 2007 became the sole independent administrative institution to be chosen (In 2010, the 6th WPI center was established in Kyushu University). As well as achieving the goal of WPI program, we have tried to develop materials for innovation towards realizing sustainable society in 21st century.

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"Compact Sensor Capable of Repeatedly Detecting Formaldehyde" Image
2017.10.23 Update Press Release

Compact Sensor Capable of Repeatedly Detecting Formaldehyde

—The Technology May Be Applicable to the Development of Continuous Formaldehyde Monitoring Systems to Prevent Sick Building Syndrome—

2017.10.16 Update Press Release

"MSS Forum" Launched to Promote the Establishment of a De Facto Standard for Olfactory IoT Sensing Systems

—Putting the "Standard Scent and Odor Measurement Tool" into Practice—

2017.10.13 Update Press Release

Development of Methods for Manipulating Flexible Nanocars

—Overcoming Difficulties in Precisely Controlling the Conformation and Movement of Soft Molecular Vehicles—

Environment of MANA

Attractive research environment

Nano-Materials Field - Research Group

Nano-System Field - Research Group

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WPI Program

We aim to become a "globally visible research center"

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The WPI Program is for increasing the scientific and technological level in Japan and promoting the development of innovations for the future. We aim to become a “globally visible" research center where every world’s highest-level researcher who wants to work there gathers from around the world because of our high level of research activities and research environment.

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